Christmas in Connecticut

Hello? Oh, hello, judge.
Yes, I'm glad you called.
What? Fifteen minutes? Oh, my goodness.
Yes, indeed. Absolutely. All right.
Well, I'll arrange everything.
Okay. Goodbye.

Well, my children, I guess it's bedtime.
We retire early on the farm.
Come along, Elizabeth.
John, it's Christmas Eve.
The judge will be here in 15 minutes.
I'm just about ready to turn in.
Nothing like a good dinner
to make a man sleepy.

I'm very grateful to you
for your hospitality, Mrs. Sloan.

- You're welcome.
- I'll just turn out the lights, dear.

- Good night, everybody.
- Good night.

Good night, Mr. Yardley.
I hope you sleep well.

I shall in that
fine old colonial four-poster.

Good night, Mrs. Sloan.
Good night, Jones.

Good night, Mr. Yardley.
Well, good night, Mrs. Sloan.
Good night, Mr. Jones.
Good night, Nora.
Good night.
Well, of all the brazen...
Right in front of me very eyes.
Well, I arranged that very
neatly, didn't I, dear?

Yes, you did.
And to think that in 15 minutes
we shall be man and wife.

Nora, where are you going?
Mr. Sloan, I've been working
for you five years...

...and never did I believe that you'd be
the kind of a man that...

Of course, I'm not blaming you entirely.