Mr. Dillinger.
My boat done turned it into a gun.
So long, Jack.
This is Tony.
Glad to meet you, Mr. Dillinger.
Keep both hands on the wheel.
Who is he?
Well, when you were picked up,
Specs felt he needed an extra man.

So I felt we needed an extra man.
Tony's a good boy.

I've got nothing against Tony.
Well, I'm glad you feel that way,
John, old boy. I'm glad you feel that way.

We were just wondering, all of us here,
and talking about how you'd get out.

- Yeah, how'd you do it, John?
- Who sprung you?

What's the idea?
What's the matter with you, John?
Now, wait a minute, John.
Wait a minute.

You gotta listen to me
before you do anything.

I didn't turn you in.
I didn't send those cops to that dentist.

I never knew anything about it.
You gotta believe me, John.
You gotta believe me.

Sure, I believe you, Specs.
Why, it's wood.
It's wood.
Look, fellas.
It's wood.
John broke jail with a wooden gun.
John, you're always kidding.
We're pals again, John, huh?
Sure, Specs, just pals.