Fallen Angel

New York.
He came out here to stay,
to get his health back.

How'd he lose it?
Workin' too hard, I guess.
He used to be a big man back there,
on the police force.

Would you like to come to the show?
You askin' me?
# The moon came in through... #
Never mind.
- What's the matter?
- I don't go places alone.

- Here.
- Was that four beers?

Three beers and a cup of coffee.
You have just heard
the spirits of citizens of Walton

who have gone on before us,
who've returned tonight through me.

Returned to tell you how happy
they are in their eternal reward.

But now, my good friends of Walton,
we come to our last experiment,

for which I must have your undivided
attention and sincere concentration.

I feel a strange vibration
coming over me.

The vibration of a spirit
who has remained troubled,

who has found no peace or contentment
since he departed.

Abraham Mills.
I can feel his troubled spirit
trying to get through from beyond.

Yes, Abraham Mills...
- I can hear you.
- Would you mind moving over?

Yes, Abraham Mills.