Isle of the Dead

That's all, gentlemen.
A little harsh, isn't it?
To condemn a man to death...

just because some other men
happened to lag behind?

They were his troops.
And I've been wondering why
they call you "The Watchdog."

It's my way. The only way I know.
Well, heaven knows I'm only the sort
of beagle that the Boston Star sends out...

to track down a bit of news
here and there.

I don't think I'd be very comfortable
being a watchdog.

Do you think I wanted to send
Col. Tolditis to his death?

He and I were friends.
I think I understand patriotism
as well as the next man, General.

I'm not sure I understand your brand.
I think you'd kill your wife or child for
your country's sake, if you had a wife.

I had a wife.
I'm sorry. It was only a figure of speech.
- It's all right. She is long dead.
- I'm extremely sorry, sir.

You think I am a cold man.
Cold and brutal.

If you had asked her,
she would never have said so.

She's buried near here.
You saw that island off the shore?
It's a cemetery, her burial place.

I'd like to see the place.
I'll go there tomorrow.

I'd like to put some flowers
on your wife's grave.

I will give you that chance.
I had planned to go there tonight.
I will take you with me.

Across the battlefield? Out there?