Isle of the Dead

You mean, it's dangerous for an old man?
You forget, I am also an old soldier.
You take the lantern.

The soldiers are exhausted.
Why don't you use horses?

Horses cannot understand...
why they have to work beyond endurance
for their country.

But the men understand.
But these men have been fighting
all day, sir.

The dead have to be buried immediately.
Do you want to know why?
He will tell you why.

Dr. Drossos, our American friend,
would like to know...

why we use the men as draft animals.
So tell him why we have to clear the field.
In the sixth division,
we have two cases of septicemic plague.

35 miles away, the Athens Brigade
reports every other man sick with typhus.

If it isn't stopped,
our victories will mean nothing.

The horseman on the pale horse
is pestilence. He follows the wars.

I'll leave this here to guide us back.