Isle of the Dead

Come in.
General Pherides. I am honored, sir.
Please, won't you come in?
I came here to visit
the last resting place of my wife.

I found the coffins broken,
empty, all of them.

I'm extremely sorry, General.
It happened a long time ago.

The peasants were looking
for antiquities to sell.

They broke into the coffins,
and then they destroyed the bodies.

Has anyone been punished for this crime?
In a way, I was punished.
You see, I am an archaeologist.

And this island was
the great find of my life.

Such treasures.
Antiquities dating back to Homer.

But I paid for them
with my uneasy conscience.

Unwittingly I have turned good,
simple people into grave robbers.

The fault is mine.
The legal guilt is theirs
and must be reported to the authorities.

But all this was in the past.
15 years ago, I saw the wrong
and gave up selling these things.

It is enough now for me to live with them.
I bought this house from Madame Kyra.
She consented to stay on with me.

Thanks to her, the house remains Greek.
I might have turned it into
a bit of Switzerland, where I come from.

But won't you please
meet my other guests?

It will be a great pleasure for them.
I'm Oliver Davis,
correspondent for the Boston Star.

Master soldier...
My guests are travelers,
refugees from your battle.

They crossed over to the island
to avoid the shelling.

We had to destroy the bodies.
In the fires we burned them all.

There was one among them,
an evil one, wicked.

Go on with your nonsense, old woman.
These are new days for Greece.

We don't believe
the old foolish tales anymore.

You do not believe?
Look there.
There is one who is pale and weak.
And upstairs, there is one
who is rosy and red and full of blood.