Isle of the Dead

He fell.
Horrible stairs.
I'm quite sure Mr. Robbins
will be all right in the morning.

- Thea, this is Mr. Davis.
- How do you do?

Thea, would you give our friends wine?
- Will you have wine, sir?
- Thank you.

Were you singing when we arrived?
- Thea has a lovely voice.
- She has indeed.

And now, General Pherides.
Why, Thea...
What's the matter?
Don't you like the General?

The General is a cruel man.
He has a bad name.

- Mr. Davis.
- Excuse me.

I do hope, sir, you won't feel
offended at Thea.

I'm afraid we rather spoil her.
You see, Mrs. St. Aubyn is so fond of her.

I've been asking the General
to spend the night. He'll have none of it.

What? Pass up an opportunity to sleep
in a soft bed, maybe have a hot bath?

General, you must be out of your mind.
If you won't think of yourself,
will you please think of me?

I haven't slept in a bed for two months.
The last bath I took was a bucket
of cold water I stole from your horse.

No, really?
General, I feel for this young man.

He can stay.
But I have to get back to the troops.

That battery near the beach,
you planned to inspect it in the morning.

You could do it on the way back
and save time.

I could do that
before the troops break camp.

Fine. I'm honored to have you,
and we'll try to make you comfortable.

But we must be off
first thing in the morning.

I'll see about the room.
- Good night.
- Good night.

- Good night, gentlemen.
- Good night.

Our house welcomes you, master soldier.
You stay to guard us.

Good night, my dear. Sleep well.
Take good care of her, Thea.