Isle of the Dead

Come, I will get you to bed
before that old woman gets up here.

She is always prying, peering,
trying to find out something.

She is just an old woman.
Odd, perhaps, but harmless.

Mr. Albrecht, for this I will
never be able to thank you enough.

- Good night.
- Good night.

This is wonderful. What's the matter?
Only General Pherides,
the old watchdog of his country...

would turn a bedroom into a barracks.
What's the matter? Have you forgotten
how to sleep on a mattress?

I've learned to live without comfort.
I can stand a hard bed and a hard thought
without worrying too much.

The girl? The one who wouldn't
serve you the wine?

That got under your skin, didn't it?
She would just as soon
not have a watchdog around.

I don't know what she thinks.
And I don't care.

It is not so bad. Not so bad.
You will be all right.