Isle of the Dead

So I see. Wait.
Tell me, about the wine...
why did you refuse to serve me?
- Why do you kill your own countrymen?
- And when have I done that?

In my district, they still speak of
how you collected taxes...

in the little villages with field artillery.
- They were in rebellion against the taxes.
- But they were Greeks.

Who is against the law of Greece
is not a Greek.

Laws can be wrong and laws can be cruel,
and the people who live only by the law...

are both wrong and cruel.
When I went up there, she wasn't
quite so impudent. She was frightened.

Did she tell you why she wouldn't
pour the wine for you?

Some silly grudge against me,
for collecting taxes in her district.

That was before the war.
About time you got back to the army,
General, where there's no back talk.

- I'll be glad to get back.
- Cheer up. You won't see her again.

General Pherides...
I'd like your advice about something,
a grave matter.

- What's wrong?
- Mr. Robbins. We thought him drunk.

- Well?
- I'd like the General to see him.

He was going back
to hear the sound of Bow Bells.

I'm afraid he'll never hear them again.
- He complained of not feeling well.
- He staggered.

That staggering, his dying so quickly.
In your campaigns,
have you never seen men...

who staggered before they died,
who talked incoherently, walked blindly?

I've seen men die drunk,
and I've seen men die of the plague.

There's no possibility of that here,
is there?

I'll send for Dr. Drossos. He'll know.
And until he comes,
everyone must stay on the island.

We are faced with a very serious form
of the plague, septicemic plague.

The symptoms are wavering gait...
convulsions, weakness,
sometimes blindness...