Isle of the Dead

and then death, always death.
Always death, and very quickly.
The illness is highly infectious.
Because there is a grave danger
of it spreading to the army...

crippling our efforts against the enemy...
it has been decided that
we all remain here...

until the disease has run its course.
I have to cross over to the village.
Today is market day.

No one may leave the island.
I must safeguard the health of my troops.

I'm afraid you'll have to
make an exception in my case, General.

In my case and my wife's.
I'm traveling on urgent business
for my government.

No one may leave.
But, my dear sir,
His Majesty's government...

No one may leave the island.
General Pherides,
I respect your concern and authority...

but I must leave the island.
- There are personal reasons...
- I will be glad to explain my wife's plight.

No one may leave the island.
But you must have observed
that my wife is an invalid.

What about yourself, General?
What about the army?

It's better to have no General
than one carrying the plague.

The doctor will tell you what to do
and I will see that you do it.

We will fight the plague.
Well, if I have to be quarantined,
I couldn't pick prettier company.

I'm sorry.
Actually, I wish you weren't here at all,
that you were safe away.

That's what I really mean.
That's what I should have said.

Wash all you want to.
You cannot wash away evil.

There is one among us
who brings punishment on us all.

If you'd forget about the evil spirits
just long enough to pass us the towels...

I'd be greatly obliged to you.
What nonsense the old woman talks.
It sounds no stranger to me than some
of the things you've been saying.

Good winds and bad winds.
I've explained that to you.
The disease is transmitted by fleas.

Their bodies have
an 80% moisture content.