Isle of the Dead

- He won't let me leave here alive.
- It's all right.

He'll not harm you. I'll see to that.
General Pherides...
this self-appointed tyranny of yours
cannot be tolerated.

What you have done before
was bad enough.

Harassing everyone with your orders...
forcing immediate burial
without time for prayer or mourning.

But now this.
Preventing these young people
from leaving...

persecuting a dear and lovely girl
like Thea...

terrorizing her
with your ugly, savage superstitions...

I will not have it!
There are other men here, sane men.
They will know how to deal with you.

I warn you, General. Leave Thea alone.
What must be done, I will do.
Does that include
smashing the only boat on the island?

I told you that no one could leave.
And I told you, General...
that your orders do not apply to me
or any civilian.

You haven't any rights over us.
If you do anything else
to threaten Thea, General...

I'll forget that we've been friends.
Thea, you must help me.