Leave Her to Heaven

Poor, dear man.
I... I guess I'll be going now.
Good luck to you, Dick.
Been through hell, hasn't he?
To a man like that,
two years in prison is worse than hell.

Isn't that Dick Harland, the chap
who used to live in Back of the Moon?

Yes, I believe it is.
Well, of all the seven deadly sins,
jealousy is the most deadly.

Oh, will you bring us
some coffee, please?

- You were his lawyer, weren't you?
- Yes, I defended him.

Some might say
I lost the case for him.

I read the newspapers, but I never
could make head nor tail of it.

...there's some things that
couldn't be told in the courtroom.

Yet, of all the people involved...
...I suppose I'm the only one
who knew the whole story.

You see, it was through me
they first met.

He'd been working very hard
on a new book.

I invited him up to my place
in New Mexico for a rest.

They met on the train.
- Thank you.
- You're quite welcome.