Leave Her to Heaven

Oh, I'm sorry.
I was staring at you, wasn't I?
I didn't mean to, really.
It's only because...

Because you look so much
like my father.

When he was younger,
of course, your age.

A most remarkable resemblance.
For a moment I thought...
Do forgive me.
To tell you the truth,
I was doing quite a bit of staring myself.

And I assure you it's not because
you look like my mother.

In fact, I can't say you look like
anyone I've ever met before.

Then why did you stare?
- Do you want to know?
- If it's not too unflattering.

Now, you know perfectly well
that nothing I could say about you...

The way you look, I mean,
could be anything but flattering.

- Of course, if you don't like flattery...
- But I do.

On second thought,
it won't be flattery.

It'll be the truth
and nothing but the truth.

Any resemblance to flattery
will be sheer coincidence.

- Shall I proceed?
- Proceed.

While I was watching you, exotic words
drifted across the mirror of my mind...

...as summer clouds
drift across the sky.