Leave Her to Heaven

- Here we are.
- Mom, they're here! They're here!

- Welcome to Rancho Jacinto.
Thank you, Glen.

- Mother, isn't it wonderful?
- It's beautiful.

Oh, my dear.
I did want to come to meet you...
...but I thought it best to stay here
to supervise dinner.

- Ellen, how are you?
- How are you?

Dick, it's so good seeing you.
But where's Danny?

- He couldn't quite make it, Louise.
- Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

- Is he still at Warm Springs?
- Yes, he's getting along fine.

Oh, good.
You'll probably want to change.

Come on, I'll show you your room.
Those trout
were in the stream hours ago.

- You couldn't get that in Boston.
Perhaps, but our codfish...

I was born and raised
in Boston myself.

I yield to no one
in my passion for codfish.

- I hate codfish.
- So do I.

- Children, that's rank disloyalty.
- It's treason.

Mr. Harland, what do you think?
Mrs. Robie,
I'm what you call a salmon man.

Fact of the matter is Mother
just doesn't like New Mexico.

Since this is my first visit, I don't see
how you can say such a thing.

It's true just the same.
Father and I used to come here
every spring, year after year.

And occasionally Ruth came along,
but never Mother.

Too bad Mr. Berent didn't come along
this time. I've been told I resemble him.

- Who told you that, Mr. Harland?
- I did.

Louise, don't you think so?
Well, yes, now that you mention it.
- Glen?
- Well, in a way.

In every way.
I noticed it the minute I saw him
in the club car.

His face, his voice, his manner.
It's uncanny.

Well, I must admit
you've aroused my curiosity.

If I should get an opportunity
to meet your father...

That's hardly likely, Mr. Harland.
- My husband...
- We've come for my father's funeral.

My goodness, there is a resemblance.
Why, a most decided resemblance.