Leave Her to Heaven

Don't you think somebody
ought to look for Ellen?

- What for?
- Well, it's pretty wild country up there.

- Perhaps she's lost.
- Ellen knows her way home.

I know, but it's been over 12 hours.
Suppose something happened to her.

Nothing ever happens to Ellen.
Well, I think I'll take a ride
before I turn in.

- Are you all right?
Oh, yes, perfectly.

I just wanted to be alone for a while.
Thank you for coming
to the funeral.

- You knew I was there?
- Yes, I saw you as I rode by.

I hope you don't think
it was just curiosity.

No, I understand.
- I'm glad you were there.
- So am I. I'll never forget it.

Father used to say it was like riding
across the front lawn of heaven.

We made a pact to bring
our ashes here when we died.

"If you die first," I told him,
"I'll bring yours here.

If I die first, you'll bring mine."
Yet, I know now...
...people you love don't really die.
Can we go now?