Leave Her to Heaven

Who's she?
The one they voted
the best-Iooking girl.

- Was she really beautiful?
- Not as beautiful as you are.

Thank you, Danny.
Won't it be wonderful
when you can go back to school?

Gosh, yes.
- What school did you go to?
- Same one as Dick.

- Boarding school?
- Yeah.

- Oh, that must be fun.
- Sure is.

Uh... Has Dick been busy lately?
Yes, he's been working awfully hard
on his book.

We mustn't interrupt him.
Besides, have you forgotten
our secret?

Dick. Dick.
Danny. Danny.
Now we can, all three of us,
go to Back of the Moon.

Can't we, Dick? Can't we?
You bet we can. You bet we can.
It's way up north, miles from nowhere.
I know all about that place.
I've heard about it plenty from Danny.

- He can't wait to get up there again.
- I know, that's my problem.

Dr. Mason, my husband is planning
to leave for Back of the Moon...

...as soon possible,
and he wants to take Danny with us.

So do I, of course.
- What's the problem?
- Well, it's so remote up there.

Wild and rugged
and miles from the nearest town.

The facilities are primitive.
There isn't a telephone...

...in case we need a doctor for Danny.
I'm sure he won't need
a doctor up there.

- Or medicine?
- Or medicine or anything.

- What about school?
- That can wait.

I must say Danny's progress
has been rather remarkable.

I don't know how you did it.
You must've willed that boy to walk.

But don't you see, doctor...