Leave Her to Heaven

Oh, no!
- No what?
- Good grief!

- "'Will you marry me? ' he said."
- Well, what's wrong with that?

First, men never propose. They may
think they do, but it's really the woman.

Who told you that? Ripley?
If men do propose, they never say,
"Will you marry me?"

Get away. Get away, gadfly.
- Did you ever propose to a woman?
- Hundreds of them.

- When you proposed to Enid Sothern...
- Who told you about Enid Sothern?

Did you say, "Will you marry me?"
- I didn't propose to her.
- Did she propose to you?

- Beat it, will you?
- How did you propose to me?

- Uh...
- You didn't.

I proposed to you, like this.
- Remember?
- Okay, I'll marry you...

...right after I finish my chapter.
Oh, I hate your chapter.
I hate all your chapters.
- They take up too much of your time.
- Funny, that's what my publisher says.

No, I'm serious. After all, it isn't
as if you had to write for a living.

I've got more than enough
for both of us...

...and it's the dearest wish
in my heart to support you.

Is that bad?
Oh, darling, I didn't know it could be
so wonderful here, Back of the Moon.

- You like it here, do you?
- Every minute...

...if only it weren't so crowded.
- Crowded?

Why, this is the most remote,
uninhabited place east of the Mojave.

I mean the cabin.
Not that I mind chaperones,
not in the least.

But there's Danny's room on one side of
us and Thorne's room on the other side.

And the wall's as thin as paper,
and the acoustics disgustingly perfect.

Well, at least nobody snores.
Do you know since we've been married,
we've never been alone, not for a day?

- Do you know...?
- Do you know...

...Thorne moved his cot
to the boathouse this morning?

He did? Oh, Richard,
I hope you didn't tell him l...

Oh, not at all. It was his own idea.
As far as Danny's concerned...