Leave Her to Heaven

Danny, you sing one. Come on.
What was that?
That was a loon. There's a couple
of them across the lake.

They sound horrible.
You'll get used to it. Wait till you
see the deer. You'll love them.

They come right up to the cabin
to be fed.

- What do you give them?
- Potato peelings and salt.

And then, of course,
there's our porcupine.

Oh, yeah. He used to come every
morning and nibble on the doorstep.

The Robies paid us a visit
at Bar Harbor just before we left.

Are they well?
- The children had the mumps.
- Oh.

Of course, you've heard about Russ
Quinton being elected district attorney.

They say he's got his mind set
on the governorship.

It wouldn't surprise me if he made it.
Can we find some wild wisteria
and transplant it around the cabin?

- I know where there's some.
- Oh, fine. Then tomorrow we...

I'm afraid Thorne
won't have time for that.

He has his work to do.
Look what I can do.