Leave Her to Heaven

Thorne showed me.
After all, Mother, you must remember
Ellen didn't expect us.

We shouldn't have come, Ruth.
We shouldn't have come.
There must be loose bricks
in the chimney.

I noticed it wasn't drawing very well.
Did you hear me, darling?
What happened tonight?
Since Ruth and your mother arrived
you've been acting like a shrew.

At the landing you were cold,
at dinner, aloof.

- After dinner you were beastly.
- I didn't expect guests.

- I thought you'd be pleased.
- Don't let's quarrel, Richard.

And Danny adores you.
You hurt him. Why?

- I was upset.
- You were insulting to your mother...

...and mean to Thorne,
treated him like a servant.

- Isn't he?
- Certainly not!

He's a friend,
one of my dearest friends.

Is Ruth one of your
dearest friends too?

What's eating you?
Ruth is your sister.

Ruth is not my sister. All night long,
you devoted yourself to her!