Les Enfants du paradis

Here's Jericho, alias the Trumpet,
alias the Flask, for my drinking,
alias Woe-Is-Me, for my hard lot.
Greetings, stage manager.
Here are the props:

a hunting horn, a royal blue tunic,
three skulls,

gold epaulettes,
two pairs of patent leather shoes

and a wedding gown.
Hear that, Nathalie?
It's contagious!
Another pillar of salt.

Ah, love!
It cheers the heart.

- Same old story?
- Same old story!

- Her father against it?
- He wants what she wants.

No, it's that dunce.
He should count his blessings.

I'll have to do something.
It's no business of yours!
They also call me The Spark,
The Stoker, The Dove-keeper,

because I like to keep
turtledoves together.

How now, my lovely.
Show us your palm.

An amazing fate line!
Oh, fate and me...
Don't be silly.
It says here
it will all work out.

Take it from a wise old pappy.
You'll marry the one you love.
- Do you think so?
- It's plain to see.

And when you set up house,
remember old Pappy has sterling
at a reasonable price.