Mildred Pierce

-Hi, Joe, what'd you get?
-This is Mrs. Pierce. l mean, Beragon.

Which? Pierce or Beragon?
Make up your mind.

-Mildred Pierce Beragon.
-Okay. Wheel her in.

Right over there, please.
Mrs. Beragon just came in.
Sit down. He'll be right with you.
Look. l bruise easy.
-lda, what are you--?
-No talking.

lda Corwin.
-Well, what is this, a class reunion?
-Looks like it.

lt'll be tough talking
my way out of this.

-Keep moving.
-All right, all right.

Hi, Ed.
-Charley, what's the good word?
-My feet hurt.

l'm crying. How about a nice,
juicy item for the morning edition?

-Nope. Not today.
-What's she in for?

Parking gum under her seat
in a movie. Satisfied?

Okay, Charley. Okay.
-l'm sorry. l just couldn't help it.
-No talking.

Take a seat.