Objective, Burma!

at map reference G-289506.
Did you get it? Over.
G-289506. I got it.
Good luck, Red Leader. Over.
Okay, Barker.
Thanks a lot. Thanks for everything.
Off and over. Roger.
- Break open the cigarettes first.
- One strawberry pie coming up.

- No Thousand Island dressing?
- Here's the skipper.

As you were.
Well, boys, we got another tough break.
I just got word from headquarters
that there's no landing field...

between here and our base
where they can get a plane to pick us up.

That means only one thing.
We got a long hike ahead of us.

Unless we stick together
and work together...

we're going to be in trouble, plenty.
The most important thing
is to take your Atabrine tablets.

Because if you don't and you get sick,
particularly with fever...

it'll be that much tougher
on the rest of us.

So be careful.
As soon as Lt. Jacobs
and his men get here, we'll shove off.

That's all.
Okay, carve the turkey.
If we gotta walk, we gotta eat.
Well, Willie...
Iooks like we're up a Burmese creek
without any paddle.

Capt. Li, ask the Gurkha
how far it is to Sittaung.

He doesn't know exactly,
but about 200 miles.

You ain't just whistling Dixie, brother.
Two hundred...
Let's go get some vitamins.
- You want a hand?
- I can get up by myself.

You hope.
How did you happen to get mixed up
with this outfit of leaping fleas, anyway?

What was it for, fun, money, or marbles?