Pursuit to Algiers

Come to think
of it old fellow,

some fish and chips might
go very well just now.

Thank you for your
suggestion, sir.

Come on, Watson.
Fish and chips,
filthy stuff,

I wouldn't give
it to my cat.

Hello, duckie.
Ah, good evening,

Good evening.
May I suggest that, sir?
No, I think I'll have
some fish and chips.

And you, sir?
Just a minute, sorry.
We serve the best fish
and chips in London, sir.

Make it two, will you?
I think I'll
have an order of...

I ordered for both of us.
What'd you order for me?
Fish and chips.
Fish and chips,
nice place you brought
me to, I must say.

I say, take a look
at this fish bone.

Right in my soup.
A fine thing, it might
have stuck in my throat.

Just a moment.
Fish bones.
I'd rather eat
in an alley.

Go on and eat in
an alley, then.

That's where you
probably belong.

Likely as not we'll
both be poisoned.

What's up, Holmes?
I don't know yet,
but something
definitely is.

Thank you.
Fish bones.
Fellow probably was right.
Looks like something one
might find in an alley.

That's it.
What's it?
Fishbone Alley, of course.
What's the price
got to do with it?

It's not the price,
it's the numerals, 2, 6,
number 26, Fishbone Alley.

Everything these last few
minutes has been directed

towards giving
us that address.

Oh, come, Holmes,
who on earth

would go to all
that troub...

The Duchess photograph,
Duchess Brookdale's house,
Barkley Square.
About 8:00 o'clock last...