Pursuit to Algiers

Permit me, gentlemen,
to introduce
my colleagues,

Anton Petzfall and
Matias Churney.

How do you do?
My associate Dr. Watson?
How do you do, gentlemen?
How do you do.
Mr. Holmes?
Thank you.
Dr. Watson?
Thank you.
A glass of
wine, gentlemen?

No, thank you.
For several years now,
a powerful group
has been seeking

to gain control
of Rovenia for
personal gain.

The assassination
of His Majesty

was their first step
in that direction.

It is to prevent
the second step

that we have sent for you.
For the sake
of our people,

it is imperative that
King Stephan's
son Nikolas

be returned safely
to his country.

Is he here in England?
Oh, yes.
His Majesty
has been educated

at one of your
public schools.

A wise move,
sir, very sound.

Do you feel
that you yourselves

are unequal to your task?
We're up against a
clever and ruthless group

to whom we are
all well known.

Are they aware of His
Majesty's identity?

No, no one knows
but ourselves.

His Majesty was
brought to England

as a child incognito.
Do you have any plans for
his return to Rovenia?

We have a plane in
Retinues to leave tonight.

However, several
steps will be
necessary on route,

and at any one
of these stops

His Majesty's life
may be attempted.

Mr. Holmes, for the sake
not only of our country,

but for liberty and good
government everywhere,

we implore you to
undertake this mission.

Well, now, Holmes, you've
given us your promise.

You need a
rest, you know,

you've not been up
the mark lately.

I'm afraid we'll
have to postpone
our holiday, Watson.

But think of your health?
Sorry, old fellow.
Gentlemen, in the interest
of democratic government,

I shall be happy
to do my utmost

to see that His Majesty
reaches Rovenia in safety.

We thank you, Mr. Holmes.
Now, if we are
to leave tonight,

time is short and
there are certain

precautionary measures
that I should
like to discuss with you.

Watson, now, come along.
Will you excuse us?
Come along, old chap.
I suggest that you
return to Baker Street,

pack a bag and
have a car ready

to take us to the plane.
Holmes, I don't like
the whole business.

Now don't get
lost, goodnight