Pursuit to Algiers

Dr. Watson?
I beg your pardon,
Dr. Watson?

What is it?
I'm sorry to
bother you, sir,

but there's a gentleman
quite ill in Cabin 7.

The captain asked if
you'd mind seeing him.

No, no, I can't
see anyone now.

Well, we have no
doctor aboard, sir.

I've retired
from practice.

Well, the captain
requested it, sir.

The captain?
Oh, where is he?
If you'll just follow me.
It's the cabin
adjoining yours, sir.

Right this way, sir.
The doctor is here, sir.
Is it serious, doctor?
Oh, dear, dear, dear,
can't you see I'm busy?

Thank you, Sanford.
But the wireless said
your plane crashed!

No survivors!
It was shot down, Watson.
I don't understand.
I'm terribly
sorry, old fellow.

I meant you to
know the truth

at the earliest
possible moment,

but as you know,
I have a dislike of plans
made by other people.

They have a habit of
becoming too widely known,

and that
convenient accident
of the original plane

merely confirmed
my suspicion.

You mean you intended to
take the boat all along?

I made the arrangements
with the Prime Minister

while you were at
Baker Street packing.

Well, why didn't
you tell me?

Why let me make
a fool of myself?

You didn't make
a fool of yourself.

No one could
possibly have known

from your manner
in coming aboard

that our young
friend here and I

were lying hidden below
until the ship sailed.

Your Majesty!
You mean, your nephew,
Nikolas Watson.

Oh, yes, yes, of course,
yes, yes, of course.

That's my
nephew, Nikolas.

As I suspected,
old fellow,

our enemies acted
promptly and ruthlessly