Pursuit to Algiers

How do you do?
Oh, I...
excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Really, Watson,
I've never thought
of myself as handsome,

but that's the
first time in my life

that a woman has run
away at the sight of me.

Hang on Holmes,
something must be wrong.

Obviously, can
we have a sherry?

No, thanks.
Did you tell her
I was on board?

No, no, I just
told her tonight

that I had a
surprise for her.

That seems to be rather
an understatement.

Two sherries, please.
Yes, sir.
I don't understand
it, Holmes.

She seems too nice a girl.
She sings charmingly.
My dear fellow,
musical talent

is hardly evidence
of innocence.

As a matter of fact, the
late Professor Moriarity

was a virtuoso
on the bassoon.

Thank you.
Incidentally, under
no circumstances

is Nikolas
to be left alone,

at any time or
for any reason.

Oh, what are you
going to do, Holmes?

I shall leave the first
move to my antagonists.

Good morning, everybody.
Good morning, my dear.
Not that it is a
very good morning.

Well, at least it's
mysterious and attractive,

not all dirty and sinister
like a London fog.
Blasted noise,
kept me awake
half the night.

Oh, that's too bad.
Would you be interested in
a stroll around the deck?

I'd like to.
Well, come along, then.
Watson, I think a walk
on the deck, is indicated.

Not for me.
Oh yes of course,
nothing like a good
hike for indigestion.

That's funny, they
can't have gone far.