Pursuit to Algiers

Good morning, duckie.
Good morning,
you're looking
depressingly healthy.

Three-mile hike before
each meal, old boy.

I know, good for
the digestion.

You haven't by
any chance seen

Ms. Woodbury and
my nephew, have you?

Don't tell me you've
lost the dear boy.

The question is not have
I lost the dear boy,

but have you seen him?
Come, doctor
a-hunting we will go.

I've already
been this way.

You know, there's
something fascinating

about fog at sea.
Gets you just as wet.
It really is
thick, isn't it?

You can hardly
see the water.

It looks ominous.
Yes, doesn't it?
You're right
about it being wet.

You know, I have a feeling
my nose is a sight.
It's a very pretty nose.
Oh, liar!
Look out!
Oh, well, thank you, I...
isn't it lucky
you were here?

Yes, isn't it?
You, you startled me.
I thought you were
deep in your chess game.

Oh, the lust is
found, Doctor.

Sorry, Holmes,
it was a fog.

Yes, so I observed.
It's colder out
here than I thought.

Come, my dear,
a good brisk hike
will do you good.

I'm sure the Doctor
doesn't wish to continue

now that he's
found the dear boy.

It appears that someone
has been careless, Watson.

'Cross my heart,
I always will love you,