Pursuit to Algiers

In the last 24 hours
they've undoubtedly

discovered that
we're not on that plane

and we are on this ship.
Those fellows
Kingston and Jerry

were outside the
wireless room today.

They said something
about communicating

with someone in authority.
Could they...?
Nikolas, Dr. Watson and
I are going on deck again.

I'm rather anxious to
see who's coming aboard.

Lock the door, will you,
and don't open it except
for Dr. Watson or myself.

Going on deck, sir?
Yes, breath of fresh air.
I see, sir.
Holmes, did it
occur to you

that Stewart behaved
rather suspiciously?

I understand we stopped
to take on some cargo.

Yes, three passengers.
Oh, Mr. Holmes,
you startled me.

Well, you see three
men have come aboard.

It's what Ms. Woodbury
just informed us.

Lisbon, beautiful city.
Too bad we shan't have a
chance to pay it a visit.

One of the most
fascinating examples

of Moorish architecture
I've ever seen.

Good evening.
Mr. Holmes, is it not?
Good evening.
I'm afraid you have
the advantage of me.

Oh, that's the price
of fame, Mr. Holmes.

Who on earth's that?
I don't know.
I've seen his face
before somewhere.