Pursuit to Algiers

I think, Watson,
we'd better get
back to your nephew.

This way, it's quicker.
Who's there?
It's I, Holmes.
Nikolas, I want you to
move in with Dr. Watson

until we reach our
destination, understand?

Certainly Mr. Holmes.
I should think
you'd want to keep
him under your eye?

I would if it
weren't for that

I think Nikolas will be
safer in an inside cabin.

A porthole looking onto
the promenade deck

is apt to offer
too many temptations

to the three gentlemen in
the cabin opposite ours,

or anyone else who
might be interested.

(Knock on door)
Is there
anything you require

before retiring, sir?
Nothing, thank you,
Sanford, good night.

Good night, sir.
Holmes, I... I don't
trust that fellow.

Oh, good morning, Sanford.
Good morning, sir.
Put that down over
there, will you.

Breakfast will be
served in half an hour.

I don't see how you
can drink the stuff.

I never could
stand it myself.

Everyone in my
country drinks coffee.

My dear Nikolas,
you don't realize

that it's tea that has
made the British Empire

and Watson what
they are today.

Well, we're both in
pretty good shape,

aren't we?
I thought it was the
playing fields of Eaton