Pursuit to Algiers

if she's a woman.
Mustn't overlook that
little bearded fellow

and his
goggle-eyed friend.

And don't forget the
three charming gentlemen

who came aboard
last night.

Good shot, Watson!
Oh, thanks old boy.
Was lucky, Dr. Watson.
Not luck, skill,
Mr. Merner.

Mirko if you don't
mind, M-i-r-k-o.

Oh, sorry, old bean.
Your turn, Mr. Holmes.
You've um, you've left
your man unguarded.

I don't think so.
It will be more
difficult to take him
off than it appears.

Your turn, Mr. Gregor.
Oh, tough luck, partner.
And yet sometimes to
leave a man unguarded

may be a skillful trap
for one's opponents.

You flatter me Mr. Gregor.
I'm not as clever
a player as that.

You're too modest,
Mr. Holmes.

Mirko is most accurate.
I'm afraid I'm not
giving him much help.

Are you conceding
defeat then, Mr. Holmes?

Oh, certainly not.
One always prefers to win.
Even when the price
of victory is too high?

I guess that all depends
on the price one's
willing to pay.

Well, that's
it, Mr. Mirko.

I'm afraid we're too
good for you, old man.

Yes, Mr. Holmes and I,
shall have to
send the drinks.

After your skillful
playing Mr. Mirko,

I wouldn't think
of penalizing you.

The drinks shall be on me.
You are a good
loser, Mr. Holmes.

I suggest we all meet in
the lounge after dinner.

Thank you for the
game, gentlemen.

Pleasure was
ours, Mr. Holmes.

Oh, now we can
really see it.

The Rock of Gibraltar.
We'll be getting to
the Mediterranean
soon, Holmes.