Pursuit to Algiers

Now that you have failed
to warn Holmes off,

our only safety lies
in first eliminating him.

But Holmes is
not our objective.

No, but he stands between
us and our objective.

It seems such a pity to
eliminate Sherlock Holmes.

You may accuse me of being
unduly tenderhearted,

but to destroy
so great a man

in order to
reach our target...

But the target
we must reach

before we
arrive at Algiers.

There's still
plenty of time.

You're right, of course.
I should like to
have given Holmes
a chance, but...

Then tonight it'll
be done my way.

You really enjoy your
work, don't you, Mirko?

I promise you Mirko is
more than competent.

We cannot afford
to take chances.

And Nikolas must
be disposed of

before we reach Algiers.
That's because you
don't know Mirko.

I've used him before,
and I promise you,

he never fails.
Because your
strong-arm methods

are apt to be too noisy.
With Mirko it's
swift and silent.

I'm sure Mr. Gubeck
is convinced.

Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening.
Mr. Mirko insists that
losers pay off the bet.

We're delighted.
Won't you sit down?
What do you have?
A brandy for me.
Whisky and soda for me.
Whisky and soda and
three brandies, please.

Pay nothing for
losing the game.

No ice in mine, Steward.
I can't think why you
ruin good whiskey

by putting ice in it.
You see, Mr. Holmes,
losing the game
always carries a penalty,

sometimes greater
than others.

Well, if one isn't willing
to pay the penalty,

one shouldn't
play the game.

Thank you.
Your health,
and long life.