Pursuit to Algiers

Don't worry.
I'll return the necklace.
And I assure that
the reward the
insurance company
has offered is yours

and will more than
make up to you

for any loss you may incur
by the cancellation
of the Hassan contract,

and will enable
you to go home to...

Well, I knew a most
charming man who
lived there once.

He's now a resident
in Sing-Sing prison.

You know, I'm not
going to have to

carry this briefcase
around with me any more.

How can I ever thank you?
If you really
must thank me,

please do so by singing
Dr. Watson's song
for him, will you?

You're a darling.
Extraordinary sight.
Elementary my dear fellow,
and very pleasant.
Flow gently Sweet Afton,
among thy green braes.
Flow gently, I sing thee
a song in thy praise.
My Mary's asleep
by the murmuring stream.
Flow, gently Sweet Afton,
disturb not her dream.
Good evening.
Oh, that looks
very nice, Steward.

May I help you?
No, I want to put these
favors around myself.

I want to
rearrange the seating.

See, I'm using
them as place cards.

And I put the
name on each.

That nice, fat gentleman,
it was his suggestion.
Hope nothing goes wrong.
Nothing will go wrong
this time, my dear Mirko.