Pursuit to Algiers

But I'm sorry you
won't wear it yourself,

I'm sure it'd be
very becoming.

As I was saying,
Holmes and I
crept down the alley

between the sinister
looking warehouses.

This stalk of
celery is Holmes

and this bit of
cheese is me.

Oh, duckie.
But when we reach
the end of the alley,

it was a black wall,
so we had to
retrace our steps.

There was nothing
else to do.

Was it a high wall?
High, it was about
six foot high.

I tried to climb it,
I said to Holmes

it was
absolutely ludicrous,

so he said to me,
Watson, there's
nothing else for it,

and back we turned.
Something has gone wrong.
They've been down there.
Be quiet.
It's that
Holmes I tell you.

We should have
got rid of him.

Good evening, Mr. Holmes.
Good evening.
Party over so soon?
No, I don't think so.
I imagine the festivities
are in full swing.

I just don't happen
to be much of a hand

at small talk
and paper hats.

Oh, that's too bad.
Now me, I always enjoy
that sort of thing.

Then perhaps you'd like a
paper hat as a souvenir.

This one was at
Watson's nephew's place.

I'm sure he'd like
you to have it.

Not interested?
Oh, very well.
That's curious.
Good evening, Mr. Mirko.
Nothing will go wrong,
this time, my dear Mirko.

And after a desperate
chase up the river

and the police
launched the start,

finally apprehended
the soft wappee...

the freighter was thrown
out to see and blown up.

And London, all England
for that matter,

was saved from the
terrible menace

of the
Giant Rat of Sumatra.

Oh, thank you very much.
I don't think
I left anything out,