Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear

Are those the
Good Comrades?

Let me see them will you?
Who's this fellow
on the end?

That's Doctor Merrivale.
Doctor Simon Merrivale?
I believe his
Christian name is Simon.

Yes, definitely
Doctor Simon Merrivale.

I'll accept your
case, Mr. Chalmers.

Watson pack your things
were off to
Scotland tonight.

Scotland, home
of my ancestors.

A lonely land but
a peaceful one.

It's wonderful after
stuffy London, hey Holmes?

I say who is this
Doctor Merrivale?

Oh well, if you want
to behave like a clam,

you have not uttered a
word since we left London.

Sorry old fellow,
I was thinking.

Twenty years ago
Doctor Merrivale

was a famous surgeon
on Harley Street.

Can't be so very famous,
I never heard of him.

Oh but he was.
His main claim to
distinction, of course,

was the unnecessarily
brutal murder

of a young bride.
However, he testified
so brilliantly
on the witness box

that he was acquitted
after which he dropped
completely out of sight.

And you think that
he was most probably

for the death of these
two Good Comrades?

Well I don't
say that he was

but I do say that
he could have been.

Murder is an
insidious thing, Watson.

Once a man has dipped
his fingers in blood

sooner or later he'll feel
the urge to kill again.

Oh gracious me
very unpleasant.

Funeral home.
You suppose were too late?
Oh I think your