Thank you for coming so soon.
I've been listening to Mr. Garmes
and I thought you might help me out.

Mr. Garmes, you shouldn't have
disturbed Dr. Edwardes.

It's all right. I'm very interested
in his case.

I knew you would be, he fits your
chapters on the guilt complex.

Would you mind telling me
what you're talking about?

You're here to see if we can cure
your guilt complex by psychoanalysis.

I have no guilt complex.
I know what I know...

-I killed my father...
-No you didn't...

that's a misconception
that's taken hold of you.

I'm sorry Doctor,
you were talking to him.

No, go on.
People often feel guilty over
something they never did...

it usually goes back to childhood.
A child often wishes something
terrible would happen to someone...

and if something does happen,
the child believes he has caused it.

He grows up with a guilt complex over
a sin that was a child's bad dream.

What I'm thinking isn't
true then?

No, and by analysing yourself,
you'll see that.

Would you care to go back
to your room, Mr. Garmes?

We better put him on drugs
for a few days, he looks agitated.

His conviction is curious.
But you've encountered such cases
very often...

you described them perfectly
in your book.

Yes, so I did.
-Would you mind doing me a favour?
-Not at all, Doctor.

I've a headache. I'd like to take
the afternoon off, with you.

I understand you're not on duty
till after dinner.

-I intended typing up...
-I need some fresh air...

and you look like
it might do you good.

I was going to lunch with Dr. Hamish.
He has a new patient, a cleptomaniac.

Cleptomaniacs for lunch, they'll
steal the food out of your mouth.

Excuse me.