I don't understand
how it happened.

-What is it?
-lt's not you...

-it's something about your robe.
-My robe? I don't understand.

Forgive me, something struck me...
I've been having a bad time
with my nerves lately, your robe...

-the dark lines...
-You're ill.

I'll be all right.
Hello. Yes, Dr. Edwardes.
Yes, yes. What?
Where is he?
I'll be there right away.

Garmes has tried to murder
Floreau, then cut his own throat.

-ls it bad?
-I think so, he's in surgery.

I'll be right along.
He's lost a lot of blood,
but he'll pull through.

-What's the pulse?

It's going down.
-Why are the lights out?
-What do you mean?

It's dark, that's why he did it,
because the lights are out.

Put them on! And the doors,
unlock them...

-You can't keep people in cells.
-Dr. Edwardes.

Fools babbling about guilt complexes,
what do you know about them?

He did it. He told me,
he killed his father...

Put the lights on, quick.