I'm sorry...
I suppose I made quite
an exhibition of myself.

Who brought me here, you?
Rather a mess,
going to pieces in surgery.

Who are you?
I remember now,
Edwardes is dead...

I killed him, took his place.
I'm someone else, I don't know who.

I killed him, Edwardes.
I've no memory, it's like looking in
a mirror and just seeing the mirror.

And yet the image is there,
I know it's there.

I exist, I'm there.
How can a man lose his memory
and name, and still talk like this?

As if he were quite sane.
-Are you afraid of me?

You're ill, loss of memory
is not a difficult problem.

Yes, I know. Amnesia...
a trick of the mind
for remaining sane.

You remain sane by forgetting
something too horrible to remember.

You put the horrible thing
behind a closed door.

-We have to open that door.
-I know what's behind it...