that's a delusion you've acquired
out of illness...

Will you answer me truthfully
and trust me?

I trust you but I can't
think, I don't know who I am.

I don't know, I don't know.
Who telephoned you yesterday?
-Telephoned me?
-Yes, in the office.

Yes, I remember.
What did she say?
She said she was
my office assistant...

She was worried about me,
hadn't heard...

So she was Dr. Edwardes
assistant and hadn't heard from him.

What else did she say?
That she didn't recognise my voice,
that I wasn't Dr. Edwardes.

-So you hung up in anger?
-I was confused...

-my head ached.
-Was that your first doubt?

-First doubt?
-The first time you became confused?

Did anything else
happen before that?

Yes, when I was in the hotel,
packing to come here...

I found a cigarette case in my coat.
It frightened me,
I didn't know why. Here.

The initials J.B., see them?
When I saw them in the hotel room...

they made my head ache.
They're probably your initials.
J.B. J.B.
You must sleep, when you wake up
you'll be able to tell me more.

-lf you trust me.
-I trust you.

It's late, you better get some sleep.
I'll be all right.

I'm sure there will be no police
enquiry for a few days...

We'll talk and straighten
things up before anything happens.

I'll come in the morning and
report you too ill for service.