Then I thought he might've just come
here without reopening his office...

-That's why I telephoned.
-Show them the picture.

-That's a different man.
-He was taking a chance.

Somebody might've known
what Edwardes looked like.

-You never saw the real Edwardes?
-No, I never met him.

But I felt something was wrong
from the moment our man appeared.

He didn't impress me
as a scientist...

and last night when he collapsed,
I became actually alarmed.

What do you think made him
break down last night?

It's obvious now, Garmes.
Our impostor, I'm almost certain,
is an amnesia case.

Garmes brought him back to reality
for an instant...

Being unable to face the truth,
he collapsed.

-Do you think he killed Edwardes?
-There's no question of it...

He killed Edwardes and took his place
in order to conceal his crime...

by pretending the victim
was still alive.

This sort of act is typical
of the short sighted cunning...

that goes with paranoid behaviour.
We're wasting time,
his room is upstairs.

This is Dr. Petersen.
-These gentlemen are from the police.
-The police?

-What has happened?
-Nothing to be alarmed about.

Our Dr. Edwardes
is a paranoid impostor.

And is very likely guilty of having
murdered Edwardes...

he's disappeared.
He is not in his room?
-You left him in his room?

Did he say anything? About himself,
about why he broke down?

No, he wasn't himself, he was
unable to speak coherently.

You don't seem surprised to hear that
he's a fake and maybe a murderer.