I'm used to surprises
in my work.

You suspected something?
No. I thought his collapse
due to mental strain.

That's a funny diagnosis for a fellow
who's just come from vacation.

I made no diagnosis, I was shocked
he collapsed. I didn't think.

We're all pretty shocked, Sheriff,
the fellow took us all in...

all except Dr. Mercheson.
And he didn't say anything to
give you an idea where he went?

He may be hanging around, we'll have
to go over the grounds first.

I'm sorry this has happened
to you, Constance...

I felt like warning you about him
but I wasn't certain.

Don't worry, it's not your fault.
They're bound to find him.

I'll keep you informed
of the police activities.

The fellow expected to get away
with it, like any criminal.

Nonsense, obviously an amnesia case,
he didn't know who he was...

or what he was doing.
What do you say, Constance?

I don't know.
If you were anyone but Constance
Petersen, the human glaciar...

-and custodian of truth, I'd say...
-You'd say what?

My dear, forgive me my thoughts,
you are telling the truth...

I was going to say that you were
holding something back.

I'm a sentimental ass...
A woman like you couldn't get
involved emotionally with any man...

-sane or insane.
-I suggest you change the subject.

I will be interested to ask him
certain questions...

when they bring him
back here.

-You'll never ask him any questions.
-Why not?

For the simple reason the police
will never find him alive...