Looking for somebody?
Don't be afraid of me...

I've got you spotted as a lady
in trouble, from out of town.

Schoolteacher, or librarian,
which is it?

-I thought so...

they always look like they lost
something. Maybe I can help you.

-I don't think so, thank you.
-Looking for some man, I suppose...

must be a relative.
And from the worried look,
I'd say a close one.

A husband, for instance.
-I'm really amazed.
-I hit it?

-But how could you tell?
-I'm a kind of psychologist.

You've got to be in my line.
Now, would you mind filling in
a few of the blank spaces for me?

-No, it's just that we quarrelled.
-And then you got sorry...

and you came running after him?
That's the usual psychology.

-But now you're afraid to face him?
-No, no...

It's that I don't know
what room he's in...

He told a friend he was coming here,
but under a different name...

so I couldn't find him.
But I must find him and apologise.

When did he arrive here?
-Yesterday morning.
-Give me a description of him.

He's very tall and attractive...
dark hair, rather rugged face...
-brown eyes, and one suitcase.
-I'll go check on him.