Act as if we're taking this train.
We'll walk down and turn back.

-What's the matter with this train?
-The policeman heard us buy tickets.

-Did he act suspicious?

but if he goes to the police station,
he may find descriptions of us...

remember us, and telephone Rome,
Georgia to have us picked up.

We can't go back to the hotel.
They'll have a million police there.

We're not going back,
we're going to Rochester...

Come on, we'll go to
Grand Central Station.

By the way, what are we
going to Rochester for?

-We're going to visit Dr. Brulov.
-The one who doesn't like ketchup.

He was my analyst,
he psychoanalysed me.

-Really? What was wrong with you?
-All analysts have to be analysed...

by other analysts before
they start practicing.

That's to make sure
they're not too crazy.

Apparently the mind is never too ill
to make jokes about psychoanalysis.

-I'm sorry. I'm a pig.
-I keep forgetting you're a patient.

So do I. When I hold you
like this I feel well.

Will you love me as much
when I'm normal?

-I'll be insane about you.
-I am normal.

At least there's nothing wrong with
me that a long kiss wouldn't cure.

I've never treated a guilt complex
like that before.

-We don't want to attract attention.
-Everybody's doing it.

-You both going?
-Yes, yes.

Don't read the paper.
Let's pick up where we left off.

Try to recall the first moment
you thought you were Edwardes.