Black Angel

Tell 'em you can't
compete with busboys,
and make it strong.

I'm sorry, but those busboys...
I can't compete with them.
[Clattering, Vacuum Whirring]

[Whirring Continues]
[Clattering Continues]

Don't you hear?
Keep quiet.

Yeah! Keep quiet.
Hey, that goes
for you too.

[Whirring Stops]
All right, madam.
Go ahead.

I wanna be talked about
I don't care what they say
Go bandy my name about
In the end it's bound to pay
You're in the swing
when nothing daunts you

Once you're in demand
the whole world wants you

Long as I'm a big sensation
I can get along
on my reputation

I wanna be talked about
That suits me to a "T"
'Cause I'll have nothing
to squawk about

As long as
they talk about me

Sticks and stones
won't break my bones

And names will bring me fame
A man in the hand
is worth two in the arms

Of some other dame
I wanna be talked about
Don't you know
it's not polite to stare?

It suits me to a "'T'"
I've seen her somewhere.

It's still not polite.
'Cause I'll have nothing
to squawk about

As long as they talk
talk, talk, talk

Talk about me
Tell 'em to come over.
Mr. Marko, I think...
Now, look.

I don't slug,
and you don't think.

Is that a deal?

Now will you tell 'em
to come over?

Mr. Marko
wants to see you.

Your name is Miss, uh...

Carver, Catherine Carver,
and this is my partner, Jack Martin.

How do you do?
Nice to know you.