Duel in the Sun

l guess this means
good-bye for a while.

Now, don't you cry.
l'll be back before long...
and he'll get over it
when the railroad comes through.

l always knew you'd
have to leave someday...

but now that it's come,
l just can't bear it.

lt's not as bad as all that.
l'll get a place in Austin.
You can come visit me.

lf you're a good girl,
l might even take you...

on a little trip to New Orleans.
No. He'd never forgive me.
l'll never see you again. Never.
l know it.
He said he'd shoot you
if you ever step foot on--

One McCanles can be
just as tough as another.

Mrs. McCanles, come in here!
You better go to him now.
But you won't go yet awhile?
No. l'll just pack my things
and say good-bye to Pearl.

Are you there?
Jesse, go away, please.
What you scared of,
Pearl, honey?

Come on in.