Now you've delivered me, don't you
want to get a receipt from the man?

- Ballin ... you're up.
- Yes.

- Late to bed, early to rise ...
- Let Gilda talk, Johnny.

I thought I could sneak out
and get back without waking you.

We went swimming. You were asleep.
Suddenly I had to go swimming.
It was so hot.

- You weren't worried, were you?
- Yes.

- I'm terribly sorry.
- Is that why you're so nervous?

Nervous? No ...
A terrible thing happened to me.
No wonder I'm nervous.

- I lost the clip you gave me.
- Is that all?

- Isn't that enough?
- A clip can be replaced.

Thanks for being so nice about it.
I'm sorry.

A clip can be replaced.
You see, I thought I had lost you.

Not a chance.

- And that couldn't be replaced.
- Let's have a drink, before I cry.

Johnny doesn't think it would be
a tragedy if you lost me.

There are more women in the world
than anything else, except insects.

On that charming observation,
I shall go and change for breakfast.

Johnny is a terrific swimmer.
He out-distanced me beautifully.

But some day there will be a return
match, and then, look out, Johnny.

Johnny, you'll have to teach me how.