- $ 18.62.
Thompson, $ 11.33.

Credit, credit, credit.
Nobody pays anymore.
I know they gotta eat, Esther,
but we gotta eat too.

The Depression is a Depression
for us and everybody.

What Depression?
With two chickens in every pot?

It's no joke, Flossie. It's no joke at all.
Who said it was funny? I got a run
in my stocking. Will you fix it?

It's the last decent pair I've got.
- Phil, is that you?
- Yeah. They got new signs in the park now.

Instead of saying, "Please keep off the
grass," they say, "Don't eat the grass."

- Any luck?
- There's nothing, Mom.

Not one job between
the Battery and the Palisades.

- It's like banging your head against a wall.
- Did you eat?

No, I'm not hungry. What are you
doing home? Get canned, did you?

- I could go and get your job.
- You're welcome to it.

They got a new idea.
I gotta go back to work tonight.

Open evenings for the rest
of the summer, three times a week.

The customer's always right.
Does he have to play
that violin all the time?

He's not bothering anybody.
I'll crawl in a hole till his nibs
gets the urge to stop playing.

I'll retire from the human race.
Don't make any noise,
Paul is practicing.

Don't go in the room, Paul is studying.
Don't do this, don't do that.

It's coming out of my ears.
- He's working hard.
- He's working hard?

Oh, I forgot. I'm the one who
isn't working. I'm on a vacation.

I go strolling every morning to smell
the flowers and look at the birds.

Sure, he's the busy bee in this hive.
Poor Paul, working his fingers to the bone
to support a no-good brother.

Philip is right, Esther.
We're one family.

- What's good for one is good for the other.
- Don't blame him, Rudy.

What can he do? Help like
everyone else. Is that too much to ask?

This practicing, these teachers.
He'll never amount to anything.

- It's not for us.
- But, Rudy...

Look at the Jeffers boy.
He plays music too.

But at least he's on the radio.
He gets paid.

- It's different with Paul.
- Don't he eat?

Don't he wear clothes?
What's different?

- What's wrong with getting a job?
- There's nothing wrong.