...or the bill that's coming in today.
Not me, Sid. Not me.

And you want me
to tell you what to do.

You want me to tell you you're right.
Well, maybe you are. I don't know.
You can't advise talent.
Talent's a way of life.

Not something
you can decide in a minute.

Who knows if you're gifted
enough to be a concert violinist.

- That's the point.
- Is it? What?

Maybe I'll end up teaching kids
how to fiddle. There's no guarantee.

There's no guarantee
for anything real.

Would you say, "I'll marry you
if I have a guarantee"?

- You're a dead pigeon with guarantees.
- Don't give me any lectures.

I know you like a book by now.
You're proud and sensitive. A little
too intense and much too precocious.

Sincere but suffering
from the old American itch.

You wanna get there fast,
but you don't wanna pay for the ride.

All I'm asking you to do
is to help me get a job.

- You think you can take it?
- I can take it.