- She's extremely near-sighted, you know.
- Really?

- What's her husband like?
- Weak.

Not a bad sort, just weak.
- Is he around?
- Yes, he's here.

- Where?
- Here.

Oh, Victor, Helen's been asking for you.
Oh, has she? Excuse me.
What do you do? You a fighter?
You look just like a prizefighter.

- Monte, I bet he's a prizefighter.
- I play violin.

I don't believe you. Go on,
play a violin. I dare you.

I bet you don't know which end
the music comes out of.

- The middle. It comes out of the middle.
- Monte, make him play.

- Would you?
- Sure, why not?

Just by accident, I happened
to have brought my violin.

Wonderful playing, isn't it?
Every time I look at you,
I get a fierce desire to be lonesome.

You can leave any time you like,
you know.

You're too shy
to tell me you detest me?

- Have we met?
- Never saw you before.

- I've enjoyed every moment of it.
- I've seen you somewhere.

- You ride the subways?
- Not very often.

You probably don't recognize
me with clothes on.

I pose for the underwear ads,
the body, scrawny.

Well, as long as you
can't resist me, sit down.

I still think you
look like a prizefighter.

Sid, they want me to play.
- What are you gonna play?
- Zigeunerweisen. Give me an A.

Hey! You just spoiled the beginning
of an odious relationship.