Maybe we can take
the picture for a souvenir.

- There'll be other pictures.
- But it's a beautiful picture.

You wouldn't want to offend her. Helen
would be disappointed if you didn't show.

- My family's having a party. Thanks.
- Oh, come along.

- You should go.
- For an hour. How about it?

Okay, just for an hour.
Another one, Paul.
"The debut of a violinist...

...of uncommon power and integrity
is the news this morning.

It is difficult to remember
a first concert equal to it for vir..."

- Virtuosity.
- "Virtuosity, musicianship...

...and the highest type
of interpretation.

Paul Boray is a young
violinist of great gifts."

You hear? He's talking about you.
- Bunk.
- I'll take the bunk for an appetizer.

Don't believe everything
you read in papers.

- You came home late last night.
- Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry, Mom.
I couldn't get away. Honest.
That's all right. It was nothing.
Just cake and wine.

Makes no difference.
Where were you?
At the Wrights. Mr. Bauer
thought I ought to go.

- Those are nice flowers.
- Gina brought them.

Oh, she did?
- Oh, I'll call her later.
- Paul, this is important.

Daily Progressive,
high-class newspaper.

"Boray is undoubtedly
a gifted young man.

But his tone has an unfortunate tendency
to go off pitch in moments of climax.

Time and experience
will perhaps correct this fault."

Yellow journalism.
- I saw them at the concert.
- What?

I said I saw Mr. and
Mrs. Wright at the concert.

Oh, you did?
She's a very beautiful woman.
Listen to this:
"The concert was notable
for the unfailing beauty of tone."

See, I told you.
The other one was jealous.

Statistics show 80 percent
of jealous critics...

...are broken-down,
disappointed musicians anyway.