Well, has something happened?
Yes, something rather confusing.
Mr. Sebastian has asked me
to marry him.

-Well, well.

He wants me to marry him right away.
I 'm to give him my answer at lunch.

I don't know what the department
might think about such a step?

Are you willing
to go this far for us?

Yes, if you wish.
What do you think of this, Devlin?
I think it's a useful idea.
You know the situation better
than any of us.

May I ask what inspired Alex
Sebastian to go this far?

He's in love with me.
And he thinks you're in love with him?
Yes, that's what he thinks.
Gentlemen, it's the cream
of the chest.

Then, it's all right?
Well, yes, I'd say so.
Of course,
it's a perfect marriage for us.

There's only one thing:
won't it delay us a bit?

What do you mean?
Mr. Sebastian is a very romantic

Isn't he, Alicia?
Then, he'll probably want to take
his bride away for a long honeymoon.

-Won't that hold us up?
-Devlin's got a point here.

I don't know, I think we can
rely on Miss Huberman...

to get back into the house quickly.
Yes, I think I can manage that.
Well, everything seems to be
nicely arranged.

I don't think you need me here
anymore, do you, Captain Prescott?

I do want to thank you,
Miss Huberman very much.

So far everything has been managed
with great intelligence.

Yes, thank you very much.
Are you sure she didn't come down
here to see you?

To capture the rich Alexander
Sebastian for a husband?

Don't be absurd.
She didn't even know I was here.

Well, we'll discuss it more fully

We'll not discuss it tonight.